Firsts things first… introduction time! I know I am not the first intern who will write about the epic/ wonderful/ amazing/ crazy first days at IceMobile. I will try not to repeat things Aslinur and Seyma already told you. You already know I received a box full of nice gifts, that I visited BrandLoyalty in Den Bosch and that I am having wonderful people around me.


Warm welcome

You know you’re right when the feeling is right! I know I  will repeat what Aslinur and Seyma already told you, but I have to mention this! Welcomes at IceMobile are amazing. To convince you, I want to share a picture I took when I opened my contract. Yeah! Working at IceMobile feels like a never ending party. I opened the envelope in the train, confetti all over the place and everybody looked at me wondering what just had happened. This special treatment caught me by surprise! It’s so nice that the people at IceMobile put so much effort in astonishing you with an unforgettable welcome.

Onboarding at Brand Loyalty

The onboarding at BrandLoyalty was fantastic, because it gave me a really great feeling about the start of my internship. It became clear to me what to expect from BrandLoyalty and IceMobile. Creating a good healthy relationship with customers is something that also interests me. If you ever visit BrandLoyalty or just the city of Den Bosch, don’t forget to buy a ‘’Bossche bol’’ at pastry shop Jan de Groot on your way home (it’s near the train station).

Cool responsibilities

At IceMobile communication interns are able to contribute to IceMobile brand, that services High Frequency food Retailers around the globe. COOL! Organizing events, external communication and developing marketing strategies are just a few tasks I need to rock during my internship. well… I AM READY to learn and develop myself!