As most technology-based companies have done, we expected to have an engineering culture which could have a reputation as boring. If there is something about IceMobile that proves a reality, it would be this; “ All generalizations are dangerous, even this one.”

Seyma Turan

Beyond the danger, I could say that all generalizations about technology-based companies just don’t apply to IceMobile (Okay, just good ones; like we have many intelligent, innovative and creative people, a new-age office and a fun workplace). As a plus to all these benefits, everyday we have healthy lunches, parties and events on a regular basis. There is a team responsible for these things (that we all take for granted): Operations!

And we really should be thankful for their excellent support!

To be honest, when I started my epic internship at IceMobile, I had no clue of what working at a technology company means. Later, I have witnessed the truth, magic really happens at the intersection over here. People operations, finance, marketing, IT and hospitality members work together to make this place like a home. Therefore, I’m glad to be in the superstars team!

Last week, we had a team event to boost our #<3 even more within the Operations team. The things our amazing recruiter Saskia said really inspired us ; ’We are like the sparking plugs of this company’. Personally it specifically made me understand the value of the Operations teams. As we always claims that what IceMobile sets apart from other companies is the people and the love between employees and teams. Therefore, these kind of events are very important to get to know your colleagues and to create a bond which encourages the feeling of ‘being more than colleagues’.

With a group of almost 20 people, we headed over to Boer Erik which is an apple farm in a lovely environment. The event started with drinks and laughs continuing with the feedback game. Within IceMobile, feedback culture is important; Being open and critical but at the same time knowing how to appreciate each other’s uniqueness.Also brainstorming about how we could become a better team, how to improve #<3 and what are our goals for 2016 strengthened the purpose of the event! Later, we were supplied with all natural food by the farm itself - the different breads and cheeses just took our breath away (we were eating). I might sound like I’m exaggerating when it comes the food but we are foodies!

At the end, I appreciated once more to be a part of the operations team at IceMobile. I might not allow myself to make generalizations maybe but I can truly say this;

We all sparkle!

Niels and Rebecca #if you want to eat amazing food, you need to wait for it!
Niels and Rebecca #if you want to eat amazing food, you need to wait for it!