If somebody had told me 3 months ago I would be writing a post about how it is to work in the Madrid office of IceMobile, I would have called him/her crazy. But once again, I was wrong. Team Madrid is set and running!

Carlos Salguero Guzman

Well, for now, Team Madrid is not the kind of team you´d expect, it is formed by only 1 person, but the plan is to change that in the short term and create a development team based in Madrid. In the meantime, the team (person) has been working within the Stamps Team, which is based in Amsterdam. Nowadays this is not big problem really. High speed internet connections are available almost everywhere and you have all kind of tools to make video conferences from your computer and mobile devices. It´s almost as if you were physically in the Amsterdam office!

There’s no fixed office yet, but a nice co-working space. This is a place where you can find different set of professionals from different fields sharing the same office building. This kind of workplaces offers the possibility to share your experience with others via workshops, trainings and so on. It’s a really good place to meet interesting people and maybe enlarge your business contacts list.

The co-working space is located in the south of Madrid, Alcorcón, but we are still researching different options and possibilities to move a little bit closer to the city center.

I think this is a good opportunity for IceMobile. I´m pretty sure a lot of business opportunities will arise only because of having this new location. MT didn’t have doubts about it from the beginning, they saw a good opportunity in this and they went for it. They're embracing the change and so am I.After all this is what IceMobile is about, isn't it?

We are connected #Mini Ice in Madrid
We are connected #Mini Ice in Madrid