Last Thursday, we were forever happily hacked. Creativity and innovation is our heartbeat and we love proving that with our products, services and culture. One of the perks of an innovative environment and people is having many great ideas all the time, work related or not… Therefore, we wanted to make time just for our non-work related awesome ideas and have our own hackday! 

Seyma Turan

The day started with our very own Henk cooking every type of eggs and we were all ready to rock the day with a bomb-ass breakfast. After the kick-off session, 11 teams started to worked on their ideas which were chosen among the awe-inspiring 28 ideas from our Ice peeps. Because it was a free format, the ideas differed from the games to a success celebration platform to various types of bots.

The competition was tough as we are competitive as well. The prizes for the top 3 teams were different original Star Wars items such as cups, mugs, notebooks but the biggest prize for the winning team was so worth to go crazy; an original lightsaber!

The uniqueness of our IcePeeps showed itself again with the videos which were used to pitch the ideas. To strengthened the deserving, every team proved their own style with a 90 seconds video and make it harder for all of use to decide on the winners!  Even though we could only have one winning team (at least for the big prize), all the outcomes and the video’s amazed us.

One day was not enough for some peeps, some even suggested doing 2 days…let’s see next time. Did I say “next time”? Yes, hackday will definitely be a regular event in the company and not an annual event.

So we will definitely be forever happily hacked… Prepare your new ideas and stay tuned!