On February 11th 2016, IceMobile, together with our friends from nearForm organized the inaugural Amsterdam edition of nodeday.

Kerim Satirli

For this single-day event, we wanted to do something special and bring together a group of speakers that could not only teach, but more importantly inspire the audience to do more with Node and software engineering in general.

Calling on our friends from Uber, PayPal, Netflix and others, we set out to create a day full of learnings. Our goal was to structure the event in a way that it would take attendees from Zero to crash, highlighting not only the technical but also the cultural challenges.

For our first large(ish) community event, I believe we did a great job: with 150+ attendees, our no-show ratio, something event organizers fear heavily, was a mere three per cent [^1].

As one of the organizers, I am very proud of what colleague-friends Rebecca, Luca and Gaby and myself accomplished.

As an employee of IceMobile though, I am beyond ecstatic to see that my company invests so much in expanding our team's knowledge and at the same time chooses to give back to the local community by bringing in top talent for a free event.

Stay tuned to this channel for the (full) recordings from nodeday. To not make you leave empty handed, make sure to check out this two-minute clip with some impressions of the event:

[^1] Interesting tidbit: were we to count walk-ups to the event and adjust our no-show accordingly, that number would actually be negative six per cent. Put differently: we had 154 confirmed attendees.