Likeminded people like to get together and share their ideas, gain inspiration and just have a good time in an environment that motivates it! For this reason, The Ministry of Testing is organizing international events that attracts software testers from all over the world. The Ministry of Testing aims to change and lead within the software testing world through a strong focus on learning, collaboration and resources.

Anete Horelika

The latest gathering that was organized by The Ministry of Testing took place in the Netherlands.

The TestBash Netherlands conference was a two-day event, held in Utrecht from 26th of January till 27th of January. Everyone who is in software testing and is eager to evolve their profession in the software development area could sign up for any of the workshops during The TestBash Netherlands 2017. This was the first conference of this kind organized in The Netherlands by The Ministry of Testing.

IceMobile was proudly represented at the conference by Paul Groothuis and Desmond Delissen. They gave an interesting and interactive workshop about understanding the Mobile Testing Challenges and Good Practices, in other words ‘Navigating the Mobile Odyssee’. The workshop was on high demand since it was fully booked by people of all ages and different nationalities. Many workshops overlapped so participants had to prioritize. People did choose wisely by signing up for the workshop presented by the app testers and developers from IceMobile. Both Paul and Desmond represents great deal of knowledge and experience when it comes to Mobile app testing and developing, which would explain the demand for their workshop.

Mobile as a medium
Paul’s and Desmond’s created workshop kicked off with a short introduction about Ice Mobile and why Mobile as a medium is such an important focus point when it comes to app and software testing and development. Communicating with consumers via mobile is unlike any other channels yet marketers still try to shoehorn all the content and ways of communication into that little screen of a mobile, the same way as if it was a laptop or TV screen. That’s where mobile app testing comes in, to understand, specialize and personalize the needs of consumers and find ways how to better reach them.

The workshop was followed by information about the mobile app world, number of apps and amount of time an average user spends on a mobile device, also the most common challenges mobile app testers and developers face. 

Size does matter
Size does matter, of the mobile device of course, we know what you were thinking. There are many other factors such as age of device, resolution and brand, that might affect the mobile app testing. During the presentation participants, could learn in what ways each of these factors affect and challenge mobile app testing.

Sharing all the knowledge
At this interactive workshop participants, could share their knowledge in ways such as creating mind maps, and trying to crack assignments and quizzes given by Paul and Desmond. Participants had to form groups and create a mind map on biggest challenges regarding the mobile app testing. After the mind maps were presented and compared to Paul’s and Desmond’s mind map.

Further the same mind map on biggest mobile app testing challenges was used to solve these challenges implementing tools such as ‘Out of Milk’ app and knowledge that was gained during the workshop. Participants had to come up with generic, creative and original test ideas to reach the goal of working out the challenges regarding the app. 

Stay hungry
To wrap it up Paul and Desmond concluded that the development of mobile application world is undoubtedly growing. Mobile app developers and testers must work ahead and get familiar with recent advancements in technologies and trends. Followed by advice to choose their devices wisely and keep using mind maps when testing a mobile app.

The Ministry of Testing had done a great deal of effort to organize the TestBash Netherlands 2017 in Utrecht. There was much more than tulips, cheese and wooden shoes to see. People who took part in the conference were boosted with new ideas and innovations regarding testing.