Loyalty Programs are designed to drive spend and engagement, and attract new and existing customers to stores. They’re retail programs in which shoppers collect stamps that they can redeem for high quality rewards.

Bright Stamps is the best way for customers to participate in a digital loyalty program, anywhere, anytime. Be it on smartphones, tablets or wearables, customers have their stamp balance at their fingertips, can browse rewards and see current promotions.

Bright Stamps is fun and rewarding for consumers, and effective for retailers. Besides the uplift in spend and engagement, Bright Stamps also allows you to engage your suppliers in a meaningful way, through targeted supplier offers and supplier funding of loyalty programs.

Bright Stamps application


Bright Stamps application styled to matched corporate identity of North American retailer Lowes.


Bright Stamps can be configured to apply to any loyalty program, and is styled to match your corporate identity.

it is easy and fast to collect stamps

Easy and fast

Stamps are collected digitally, reducing the time spent at checkout by customers and cashiers.

Sharing stamps with other collectors via the Bright Stamps app

Gamified and fun

Customers can share stamps with each other, earn badges, view leaderboards, and even level up for better status and exclusive perks.

a collector getting a notification to her phone

One-to-one communication

Optimize program performance by sending customers personalized notifications at key moments in their journey.

A store manager viewing real-time campaign insights on the Bright Stamps dashboard

Real-time reporting

Get insights into collect and redeem behavior of your customers, and monitor the impact of marketing campaigns.

we work together with Brand Loyalty the experts in loyalty programs

Loyalty program partner

You can run any of your loyalty programs with Bright Stamps, or work together with our partner BrandLoyalty, who are experts in creating high-performance loyalty programs.

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