We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new client Huaguan on November 16th, 2016. Huaghuan is IceMobile’s 2nd Chinese client after JJY.

Sonia Chen Guang

The app offers supplier funded grouping function which provide a huge help to Huaguan as they have many brands that wanted to participate, and it is a very nice feature to categorize those brands. For this program the programme offered 7 different Nomad products

Huaguan is our first Chinese client using the new IceMobile platform with many new and improved capabilities, from the app itself to the backend infrastructure perspective. After 7 weeks from scratch to establish connecting and a major release we can already provide you with some stats: Since the program launched last week, we have 11K people registered as digital user. 21% people started collect and 9% people started redeeming.

Prior to program launch, a Staff Motivation Training was held on Nov-8 with over 100 managers participated with introduction to the program, 4 engaging games, topping up with a Q&A session. A unique Holiday Destination Photoshoot Game pitting employees in 10 different groups was conducted with lots of laughter and cheers.

Objective of the training session were met with GM of Spar Huaguan, Mrs Xiao Ying feeling impressed ending the evening on a high-note through a sumptuous Chinese dinner between Spar Huaguan and the team of BrandLoyalty and IceMobile acknowledging the efforts shown.