UX insight inspires you to think. And act. In an industry devoted to the people who use products, services and applications, research is predominant. UX researchers spend days studying how people use products to prove or disprove assumptions, find commonalities across target audience, and recognize their needs, wants, and goals.

Anete Horelika

As one of the partners and sponsors IceMobile supported the first UX Research Conference in The Netherlands, which took place at ‘De Fabrique’ in Utrecht on Thursday, February 9th. During the conference the visitors got charged by listening to talks and taking part in workshops provided by Google, TomTom, Coolblue, Booking.com and of course IceMobile. The conference listed subjects such as interviewing and necessary techniques, experience mapping, remote testing, user involvement, survey tools and the addition to UX and finally co-creative design research.

Why Experience Mapping
IceMobile was represented at the conference by Anna Witteman and Emma Haagen who gave a presentation about Experience Mapping. The workshop was fully booked in no time, so Anna and Emma decided to do an extra session on the topic, which was also loaded in a heartbeat.

Both, Anna and Emma, are convinced that giving personal attention to attendees results in improved information consumption, which was the defining factor for setting the workshop size to 20 attendees. The aim of the workshop was to empower researchers to do experience mapping and what benefits they can gain by using it. 

Experience Mapping helps UX researchers with defining the quality of experience people are having with a service or brand, on all channels. Along with understanding what drives people towards their behavior and what are the ‘moments of truth’, that can assist with the identification of opportunities.

Using a customized version of Adaptive Path Experience Mapping method, Anna and Emma explained why it is such a good tool at IceMobile and provided different project cases on which the method was used.

During the workshop two techniques were discussed: context chatting and interviewing. These techniques were implemented using real life examples involving the participants to use experience mapping in a creative way. Context chatting was developed at IceMobile and is used on daily basis to gain insights of consumer behavior. This specific technique gives the researcher more detailed and beneficial information due to the consumer being in their own environment and providing information at a time and place that fits them.

‘Stories are data with soul’

Anna and Emma both work as UX researchers for the UX lab @ IceMobile. As the request for User insight is getting bigger and bigger they are constantly on the lookout for new talent. Interested in joining their ranks? Apply via www.icemobile.com/jobs