Admit it… your phone is on the table in front of you right? In your back pocket or in your hand because you’re using it to read this blog? Times are changing. With our digital solutions we help retailers over the whole world to reach their customers via their mobile devices, one-to-one relationships on mass scale.

New Bright Stamps promo video

This week we launched a new video about our Bright Stamps solution at IceMobile. Made by one of our developers; Jeroen de Vrind. He is an iOS developer by day and Imovie expert by night ;-) Oh and he was a pharmacist in a past life. Make it happen sure applies to him!

You were not familiar with Bright Stamps? Doesn’t matter, me neither! That’s why I spoke to Jeroen and Anna this week. They were so kind to introduce me in to the wonderful world of digital loyalty solutions.

 Bright Stamps is one of our solutions for the high frequency retail. It helps retailers strengthen their relationship with their consumers. It is among others an app that makes it possible to collect stamps digitally. Shoppers receive their stamps with a simple swipe of their loyalty card. The app is easy, fun, and the bonus stamps offers make it possible to collect even more! In short, It’s an intelligent and innovative digital solution made by my colleagues.

Some random Epic facts… 

1. Bright Stamps is really popular! For example we are servicing more than 17000 stores with Alfamart in Indonesia, not to mention the millions of shoppers that use our solutions on a daily basis.

2. The app sends personalized push notifications to inform you about great promotions.

3. People are the biggest motivation. IceMobile’s UX Department researches the user’s experience. They organize a UX Lab every two weeks and chat with people on a global scale for example via whatsapp.

4. In the near future it will be possible to share digital stamps with friends and family.

New promo video

Technology never sleeps. There’s always room for development or innovation. In the last year we worked on a new version of the app and everything new deserves a movie, obviously. So thank you Jeroen! 

Ok! Enough information. Go check out the promo video at our Facebook page!