So you have decided to hit the apply button in our job section and you’ve uploaded your CV and motivation letter. Cool! Thank you for that! But then.. than the waiting starts, ‘when will they come back to me and what happens afterwards?’ A lot of these questions might pop up. That is why we try to answer most of them herewith. 

Saskia Rademaker & Seyma Turan

At IceMobile we have multiple contact moments in the recruitment process. This ensures you get all the information you need to decide if there is a fit on both sides! We always hire for attitude and train for skills, but we need to get to know you for that, so bear with us.

Every position is different but we have some similarities between steps to make you one of the IcePeeps as soon as possible and provide you all the information you need to have an awesome start.

Application Online: After you apply online you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours.  Your CV and cover letter will be reviewed by our People Operations team within two weeks. We always try to keep in mind that the qualifications listed in the job description are there to help you select the best possible role. So, our experts interpret resumes and cover letters and see where you could fit within our company, so no need to apply to multiple roles if you cannot choose. If there’s no available position, we will keep your details in our talentpool for future opportunities.

Screening Call: If we find a potential match, you can expect a phone call from the People Operations team. We would like to learn more about you, and your previous experience, but also for you to learn more about the role and IceMobile.

First interview: At IceMobile, we believe that ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’. Yes another quote, but it is truly what we live by. We always look for a cultural fit with the company values and in the first interview we try find if there is a match on both sides.  Just be you and you’ll be perfectly fine!

Assignment: For certain creative and technical roles an assignment will take place, either at home or on site. For software engineers we try to find out how you solve problems, the stack and frameworks you prefer and how you like to structure your code. Usually you have a week to finish the assignment. For our creative positions, the assignment usually takes place on site.

Second interview: You will have an in depth interview with the hiring managers. However, this step differs depending on the position you applied for. For engineering positions you can expect a technical interview where you will discuss your results from the assignment or work together on a coding challenge. Not that we want to focus on every piece of code in there, but we want to learn more about why you made certain decisions or choose certain methods.

Meet the team: This is almost the best part of the process as it includes food! You will meet with your potential teammates during coffee, lunch or for drinks. We are passionate about food at IceMobile so we like to share it!  This is usually followed by a meeting with one of our board members. They will share more information on the future and strategy of the company, so you are aware of what’s ahead. Everyone likes to be involved as they are curious towards the next talent that will join the company! We value each other’s feedback so sometimes it takes a little bit to gather all point of views.

Offer: So, you have made it! We are very happy to welcome you on board and create Epic Shit together!

For more information, you can check our website or send us an introduction e-mail ( together with your CV! We look forward to meeting you soon!