Here at IceMobile we’ve always acted on our belief that people, user experience and tech innovation make the difference. Millions of people are using our products everyday due to the fact that our services are epic and fun to use. In order to stay epic it’s very important to expand our huge knowledge about user experience and learn about it every single day.

Leonie Plugge

Pulse tests are one of the things we do in order to develop the user experience of the apps. The main goal of these tests is to discover what people think and want in the app. In a pulse test we discover if a new build feature in the app turned out into what we expected. Does the consumer understand what we are aiming for in the app? It’s very interesting, because we invite people from our target group and by giving the participants little assignments we are able to discover their wishes and issues.                                            

Last week Kiki invited me to attend a pulse test to experience what it’s like. Guido took the pulse test with participants at the BrandLoyalty office in Den Bosch. The team (who are working on the app) and I we’re watching the conversation in a separate room and tried to discover the wishes and issues of the customers. Wishes are the things people love about the app or really want in the app. Issues are struggles with the app or things the customer doesn’t understand. It’s also very interesting to discover how people are using the app. Because, things that seem really normal at IceMobile, are sometimes very hard to understand for the customer. Pulse tests makes these things clear immediatly and makes IceMobile able to develop and improve the app in an agile and fast pace every time.

People are number 1 at IceMobile. With our solutions and services we make the life of shoppers easier. For us, it’s really important that people have fun by using it. Interested or very curious to be part of these tests? Let us know!