We believe any great user experience starts with people.

We approach innovation by understanding the needs and motivations that shape customer behavior, and creating new applications of technology to serve businesses and consumers alike.

As a UX partner for many of our clients, we collaborate on strategic design challenges, create an agile culture where different departments work together, and speed up innovation.

IceMobile Agency sample of our work

Take your loyalty strategy from the boardroom all the way into consumers’ hands.

IceMobile Agency process

Success rarely happens in silos. We believe in bridging the gaps between the boardroom and the end consumer, and we've shaped our process accordingly. We see customers as value-adding partners first and foremost, and like to involve them every step of the way.


How our superpowers make every project a success.

IceMobile Agency superpowers


We believe in the power of great ideas, but we also know that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. It's about thinking big, but starting small. Our conceptual strength combined with our drive to deliver practical outcomes is what helps every project take off.

We've also found over the years that aligning stakeholders is super important. We like to bring together all key departments of our clients that are involved in the success of the project early on, so that they are all contributing and invested in the solution.

Finally, we use pressure cookers to help our clients kickstart development at the end of each project. This way, the project maintains momentum and can be a catalyst for change.

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instant loyalty promotions


Creating more exciting and meaningful kids promotions

How might we help you...

  • Design the best shopping list on the planet?

  • Revamp your homepage?

  • Make your loyalty program more emotional?

  • Make your app more shoppable?

  • Bring more inspiration to your e-commerce channels?

  • Find out what your customers really want and need?


Agency services we offer

Strategy and concept

Strategy and Concept

A clear strategy and a strong inspiring concept are vital to any project. They provide clarity, keep organizations aligned and challenge teams to deliver a focused result. We're strong believers of co-creation, and work together with you throughout the process.

Sketching a design iteration

Rapid Prototyping 

Fail fast, fail often. We believe in a lean approach and use prototypes to bring ideas to life and validate assumptions in the shortest time possible.



The devil is in the details. From concept to final product; our interaction and visual designers ensure that the end result is pixel perfect, on brand and a joy to use.

Agile development

Agile development

We like to write clean and reusable code. Our developers create anything from scalable distributed backend systems to wonderful frontend micro-animations.

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