With 20 years of expertise as a mobile agency we’ve helped clients around the globe deliver the best customer experience. We have a unique focus on loyalty which sets us apart. We’re flexible, reliable and fast, Always delivering value for our clients and their customers.

IceMobile Loyalty

We pioneer the future of digital loyalty. Go beyond points, rewards and targeted messaging and create emotionally engaging experiences directly in your channels.

IceMobile Agency

We deliver the best UX with our agency. Create a customer experience across your digital touch points that is relevant, smooth, modern and delightful.

Brands we've helped:

brands we've helped


Mobile first

The smartphone is still the most personal channel for consumers everywhere. In order to get close to your customers, you need to be where they are. Therefore we focus on mobile-first loyalty experiences in app, responsive web & social channels.

Experience focused

Loyalty is about so much more than points, mechanics & rewards. We create emotional connections with your customers by focusing on an engaging experience, and seamlessly integrating that with the right mechanics that drive your KPIs.

Client driven

We work directly with your loyalty team to create the best possible campaign experience that fits your brand, is relevant to your customers, and builds on top of your loyalty strategy.



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